First Class

Vietnam Car Transfer Service : First Class

First Class

“First Class” is the most luxurious and premium tier in transportation modes such as airplanes, trains, cars, or cruise ships. It’s an experience optimized with high-end amenities and services to provide maximum comfort and convenience for passengers.

Some highlights about First Class transport:

Amenities and Services: First Class typically offers luxurious features like spacious and comfortable seats, private spaces, personalized services, top-notch cuisine, and exclusive facilities such as private lounges, sleeper cabins on planes, or private cabins on trains.

Luxury Experience: More than just amenities and services, First Class often delivers a luxurious and elite travel experience. Everything from interior design, seat comfort, to service and customer care is fine-tuned to ensure the best experience.

Safety and Security Standards: Transport companies prioritize maximum safety and security for First Class passengers. This includes stringent security measures and high-end personal protection facilities.

Pricing: First Class tickets usually come at a higher price compared to other classes due to the premium experience and services they offer. The higher price tag often corresponds to a range of superior amenities and experiences.

Our First Class Car


Airport Transfer : $150/way , $270/2 ways

City : $560/8 hours

* limitted 100km
* overtime $70/hour
* overkm $3.5/km
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